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Alright, this blog took a major down turn this summer (as in, I neglected to post anything for months). Suffice it to say, I learned that farming July – September can be fairly miserable. There are a ton of posts that will be going up in the coming weeks to get caught back up on our travails over here. We’re also working on a  farm website (lochhollandfarm.com – coming soon!), updated social media, etc, etc. In the meantime, we’ve produced some pork. If you would like to purchase it, I would be happy to accept most forms of currency.



Pastured Pork Pricing

Cut Price (per pound unless noted)
Bacon / Bacon Ends $10
Pork Chops $10
Fresh Jowl $8
Jowl Bacon $10
Sausage (Mild or Hot) $5
Ham Roast $8
Shoulder Roast $6
Ham Steak $8
­Shoulder Steak $6
Heart $5 (per heart)
Liver $5
Lard $5
Ribs $7
Tenderloin (Backstrap) $12
Inner Loin $15


*Whole and half hogs available at $4.50/lb (hanging weight) + butcher fees. These are cut to customer specification. Available late Summer – early Winter. Pre-order any time!


Call Chris @ 901-233-8734 (We deliver to drop off points in Germantown and Midtown weekly. If our regular Saturday pick-up time doesn’t work for you, we’ll work something out.

Email: petersochris@gmail.com

About our pork

Currently, we raise two types of heritage breed pigs, Red Wattle crosses and Gloucestershire Old Spots. Our pigs are raised on a mixture of pasture and woodland, and are moved to fresh forage about once per week. We also feed crushed or fermented grain (depending on availability), some hay, fresh whey and whatever leftover fruit and spent grains (from beer brewing) we can get our hands on. We practice multi-species rotational grazing, so that our pigs, goats, and chickens work together to help manage our pastures (and each other’s diets) more efficiently.


To read more about heritage breed pork please visit the Livestock Conservancy:



To read more about multi-species rotational grazing: http://www.hrwc.net/rotationalgrazing.htm

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