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About the blog:

Farmlosophy contains the musings, ramblings, and progress updates of me, Christopher Peterson, as I try to start a small, diversified, sustainable family farm.

About the farm:

I lease 167 acres from my grandparents in Saulsbury, TN. The property has been in my family for generations (5, I think). Nobody has actively farmed the property for at least 50 years. It is a mixture of pasture, woodlands, lake, with a good degree of marginal land and gullies. I plan to develop a small scale cheese dairy, raise pigs, chickens, meat goats (sorry non-female offspring of dairy goats!), veggies, and, god-willing, a good degree of hell.

About the farmer:

I grew up in Memphis, TN. Although I have gardened for many years, I have no prior farming experience save volunteer experiences with local farmers in the Memphis area. Prior to farming, I served as the Executive Director of GrowMemphis, which trains residents of low-income food insecure communities to create and sustain community gardens. I have also been involved in food policy advocacy as chair of the Food Advisory Council for Memphis and Shelby County (2012-2014) and TN Food Policy Council (2014). Prior to my work with GrowMemphis, I received my MA in Human Values and Contemporary Global Ethics at King’s College London, where I focused on the ethics of small scale food systems development.

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